Hide Google’s “People Also Searched For” Box

Updated 04/16/2021

Stop me if you’ve been here: You Google something. You click the first result. You click “Back” in your browser. You go to click the next result, only—

Google's "People Also Search For" box

Google takes half a second to expand this little box and you click on one of those links instead.

Let’s hide that thing.

Custom Browser Styles

You need a browser extension that allows you to add custom styles to web pages.

Firefox – I like Stylus.
ChromeStylish is popular.

Use another browser? You should get the idea. Custom CSS for your browser.

Open up Google and bring up your new-fangled style editor. Edit styles specific to google.com and add the following CSS:

.g [jscontroller] { 
    display: none;

.exp-outline + div {
    height:auto !important;
}Code language: CSS (css)

And, at the time of writing, that should take care of it. You can now feel safe using the “Back” button with Google again.


One response to “Hide Google’s “People Also Searched For” Box”

  1. Michael Anderson Avatar
    Michael Anderson

    Any chance you can update this? It doesn’t work for me, but I would LOVE this. The box is absolutely maddening.

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