WordPress for Publishers

Here at Sterner Stuff, we build and maintain WordPress websites in a variety of industries, but WordPress is first-and-foremost a content management system. This makes it a great tool for publishers of all sizes.

Here are a few ways Sterner Stuff creates a better product for publishers:

Meet Fluctuations in Traffic

When you break a story, you need your website to withstand an uptick in traffic. Let Sterner Stuff advise and execute on a migration to one of our enterprise WordPress hosting partners. The next time you get a big scoop, your website won’t break a sweat.

Monetize with Gutenberg

Extend WordPress’s block editor with custom widgets, giving your authors the power to execute on unique, context-specific monetization efforts with your financial partners.

Performance Audits

Fast sites mean happy users. Happy users stay longer and are more likely to interact with your advertisers. This higher revenue per user is great for monetization, because everyone knows new users are more expensive than existing users. Let Sterner Stuff tune your site and bump your bottom line.