What WordPress Acquisitions Mean for Plugin Quality

In September’s WordPress plugin acquisition news, StellarWP acquired LearnDash, the de facto learning management system plugin for WordPress. We don’t do a lot of LMS work over here at Sterner Stuff, so, you know, whatever. But if you receive any kind of business-minded WordPress newsletter or are otherwise plugged into “the business of WordPress”, you…

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Google’s Core Web Vitals and Organic Search Ranking

Google is rolling out a new set of metrics designed to evaluate the performance of websites across the internet. How your site performs, according to these metrics, will directly impact your website’s organic search engine results page (SERP) ranking – that is, how close to the top of Google you are. Site speed has always…

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Semantic Versioning for WordPress

One of the biggest struggles facing both the maintainers of WordPress and individuals tasked with maintaining WordPress sites is updates. Running updates often gets ignored by non-technical users afraid of breaking things, and the WordPress core team is doing everything they can to mitigate the security risks involved with not updating. If you don’t install…

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Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally

Web Apps vs Smartphone Apps: The Iowa Caucuses

The United States is buzzing with the fallout of the Iowa caucuses. If you’ve been living under a rock, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) enlisted the use of a smartphone app to help with tallying the results of the Iowa caucuses. This app was responsible for reporting from over 1600 precincts across the state over…

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Woman in shopping cart in the middle of an empty warehouse

Sterner Stuff’s 2019 Favorite WordPress Black Friday Deals

Every year, US retailers offer huge discounts for Black Friday. Digital deals used to be reserved for Cyber Monday following Black Friday, but we’ve seen these deals start earlier and earlier as the years have gone on. There are plenty of WordPress-centeric deals already available for 2019. Here are some that are worth a look.…

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WordCamp US 2019

Every year, WordPress users from across the country gather for WordCamp US. While regional WordCamps happen across the country, WordCamp US is by far the biggest, attracting attendees, speakers and sponsors from across the country. This year, Sterner Stuff made the trip to St. Louis for the event. We take every advantage of opportunities for…

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2019 PHP Benchmarks – Why You Need PHP 7+

2019 is just around the corner, and with it comes Kinsta’s annual PHP benchmarking. You can check out their full post, or keep reading for a quick look at the stuff most important to WordPress or Laravel users. What is PHP and How Does it Affect SEO? PHP is the server language that powers popular…

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Google Chrome's new not secure indicator

Google Chrome’s SSL Update

Still putting off an SSL, huh? Please Just Help Me Install an SSL! An SSL is the difference on your website between http and https. This horse is dead, but I’ll keep on beating. Here’s why you need an SSL: Establish greater trust between you and your users Rank better in search engines Have a…

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6 digital resolutions for 2017

New year, new you. Or that’s what I hear. For business owners, the laundry list of resolutions is often inseparable from their business. “Reorganize the filing cabinet.” “Paint the ceiling.” “Be a little more hands-off this year.” While sorting out all the things you want to tackleĀ in 2017, don’t forget about your business’s digital presence!…

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