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WordPress Hosting, Customization
and Management

From Eugene-based small businesses to nationwide, enterprise-level operations, we're helping teams and storefronts make WordPress work for them

WordPress can meet your business's needs, but not every agency is equipped to run and manage WordPress reliably and at scale. That's where Sterner Stuff comes in.

Whether you're migrating to WordPress for the first time or tuning up a massive existing install, Sterner Stuff can help you plan, execute, and maintain for long term success.

Start with the basics

Reliable WordPress Hosting

Lightning-Fast WordPress

  • Kinsta Agency partners
  • Powered by Google Cloud
  • Sites audited for Core Web Vitals performance
  • SSL certs (https) always included for better performance and security

Zero Downtime

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Bad updates get caught before they go live
  • Backups taken nightly in multiple locations
  • More robust failover setups available upon request

Responsible Updates

  • Monthly updates keep you safe from hackers
  • Updates are reviewed by hand before launch each month
  • Sites are audited for abandoned plugins and themes
  • Personalized, proactive recommendations
  • Permanent staging QA available upon request

Worry-Free Managed WordPress Hosting

starting at $120 per month
  • Powered by Google Cloud
  • Direct account manager access for technical and non-technical support
  • WordPress audited for performance
  • No contract

We Play Well With Many Industries

WordPress for Publishers

You publish content. WordPress manages content. It's a match made in heaven.

eCommerce Jumpstart

Get running, advertising, and selling on WooCommerce or Shopify.

Your business

Our portfolio is rounded out by a variety of small businesses. Talk with us about yours.

WordPress for eCommerce

The Sterner Stuff team is your partner in getting eCommerce off the ground. With WooCommerce, its reliable stable of extensions, and custom development services when needed, we'll help you take your eCommerce business from 0 to 60.

WordPress For Small Business Course

WordPress for Small Business Owners

If the Worry-Free plan isn't right for you yet, we've made this guide for you. Take actionable steps to make your WordPress website more reliable.

Each lesson arrives in a convenient email, and you can reply to get a little hands-on assistance.

Learn more or just sign up for this free course.

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Custom, cloud-based software solutions

As your business scales, your problems become bigger and your needs become more specific. You start stretching off-the-shelf solutions to their limits. Are you looking at your budget wondering why you're using a "good enough" solution with a five-figure monthly licensing fee?

Or maybe you're the first in your field, offering brand new services that require a completely custom platform to deliver a first-class experiene to your customers.

Wherever you fall in the above, Sterner Stuff is here to help. With custom-built, web-based software, we can ensure your business is ready to meet all the challenges ahead with solutions that work exactly the way you need them.


Our solutions are all built on the web, which means you never have to worry about hardware, office space, or specialized devices. The tools we recommend and build are accessible from any device, anywhere there's an internet connection.


If your business requires more staff to scale, are you really scaling? We don't think so.

Automate away as much of your workflow and services as possible to keep payroll affordable while still growing your business.

Business Intelligence

Where there's an API, there's a way. We'll help you pull information from every segment of your operations and put it under one roof. Dashboards and databases ensure you're making efficient and informed decisions.

Our Tools of Choice


The PHP framework that makes the world go 'round. We specialize in building and maintaining designed-to-spec Laravel applications. Laravel allows us to tweak and scale your application to meet any requirement.


A Javascript framework that can go big and small. Vue powers applications that respond to user input in the blink of an eye, and we can sprinkle it in only where needed, rather than committing to the expense of building a full single-page application.

Sterner Stuff Design is a joy to work with. Ethan is professional, incredibly expedient, and a great dev on top of all that! Over the course of a month, he helped develop several modules, troubleshoot bugs, and even muck around in the weeds with really small details to make the site more efficient and standards-compliant. Can't recommend Sterner Stuff Design enough!

Brent Barkley

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