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Looking for custom web-based solutions for your toughest problems? Our team will develop and deliver a website or web-based app that serves your business.

Hosting & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive monthly WordPress hosting and maintenance packages designed for the hands-off business owner. Never worry about security and updates again. Focus on running your business.


We help brick-and-mortar business owners get online with ease and reach new audiences. We leverage Shopify to help retail businesses bridge the gap between online and point-of-sale. Start selling around the globe.

About Us

The Sterner Stuff team is a digital agency that can do it all. In-house, we provide custom development service, best-in-class hosting and maintenance, and eCommerce consulting services. And with the help of strategic partnerships, we can also provide full-service identity, design, and digital marketing.

Our specialties include WordPress, Laravel, and Shopify.

The Sterner Stuff mission is to provide a return on investment to your business. We want to save you time, attract new customers, and put more money in your pocket.

A Selection of Our World-Class Clients

The Alpaugh Family Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati

Why Choose Us?

We’re the right team for your business. Our expertise and knowledge ensures you get everything you expect, built to last.

The websites and applications we build are driven by client pain points and requirements. By developing exactly what you need and helping your business succeed, we create happy clients that come back again and again.

Your Trusted Partners

A Highly Motivated Team with Innovative Ideas

We’re a small team, and all entrepreneurs at heart. So when we talk to you about your business and your needs, we’re combining our technical expertise with the guts and drive of entrepreneurship. Our work is only as good as the growth it results in for your business online. Surely, your website will be made of Sterner Stuff.

The Sterner Stuff Blog

Running commentary on the problems we solve.

  • Hiring: WordPress Developer

    The Sterner Stuff team is growing! We’re seeking a self-motivated full-stack PHP developer. Quick Version Our Company and Work Sterner Stuff is a web shop specializing in full-stack PHP work. Our projects are primarily in the WordPress + Laravel space. We position ourselves for custom WordPress work, though also do the drag-and-drop work as needed.…

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  • Installing Premium WordPress Plugins with Composer

    Installing Premium WordPress Plugins with Composer

    If you’ve Google’d how to install or update premium plugins, like Advanced Custom Fields or Gravity Forms, with Composer, you’ve probably found solutions that want you to configure package data locally. Examples include this tutorial from Roots and this library on GitHub. The problem with these solutions is that they require defining the plugin version…

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  • Add and Promote Products in a Shopify Blog Post

    Add and Promote Products in a Shopify Blog Post

    Here’s how to use Shopify’s Buy Button app to promote products within Shopify blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy

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