Klaviyo Notify Me When Available button in a Shopify store

Configure Klaviyo Back-in-Stock Notifications for Shopify Dawn

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform with a strong Shopify integration. Of the many features it offers, including personalized recommended products in email campaigns and customer behavior tracking, it can be set up to allow customers to sign up to know when a product on your Shopify store is coming back in stock. Out of…

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WooCommerce Foreign Key Errors and MySQL Engines

Here at Sterner Stuff, we don’t like throwing away existing websites and content. We call that stuff “equity”, and no one wants to throw away equity. When possible, we’ll repurpose as much of a WordPress site as possible when implementing a new design, features, etc. So while it may seem like a brand new site,…

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Configuring WP fail2ban Behind Cloudflare

If your WordPress website is proxied behind Cloudflare, the IP address reported to your server isn’t the actual IP address of the original request. It’s a Cloudflare IP. Most of the time, this doesn’t matter, but if you’re using WP fail2ban, this causes issues. The Problem By default, fail2ban in combination with WP fail2ban works…

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Migrate from WP User Avatar to JJJ’s WP User Avatars

WP User Avatar, now commandeered by ProfilePress, is significantly more bloated than it once was. There are a variety of alternatives to turn to if you want to replace it, but I’ve chosen (and recommend) WP User Avatars, maintained by WordPress core contributor John James Jacoby. The migration here is pretty simple. WP User Avatar…

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Configure wkhtmltopdf for Laravel Snappy on Homestead, Sail, Forge

If you’re generating PDFs from HTML in the Laravel world, you’re likely using something like Snappy, wrapped conveniently in a service provider by barryvdh/laravel-snappy. Snappy depends on the wkhtmltopdf binary to function. Per the documentation, this binary is conveniently available via Composer: But that package hasn’t been updated in 4+ years, meaning the binary is…

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Keep MySQL Databases During Laravel Homestead Upgrade

This question has been documented about a million places around the internet with a variety of convoluted answers. How can we upgrade Laravel Homestead without losing our MySQL databases? Instead of writing your own mysqldump commands, or copying and pasting one from an internet stranger, there’s actually functionality for this built right into Homestead. If…

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Remove WordPress Actions with Object-Bound Callbacks

Often, it’s very simple to disable a filter or action in WordPress. Core’s adherence, merit notwithstanding, to working in the global namespace meant many plugins and themes followed suit. So unhooking a function was as simple as: But as PHP has matured, plugin and theme authors are more often using modern structures and practices, like…

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My at-home setup

The Sterner Stuff Work-From-Home Starter Kit

Working from home is brand new for a lot of folks, and it’s full of quirks and challenges. Even for someone who’s worked from home or a flex office for a while, COVID-19 has caused me to re-evaluate my setup. To maximize your productivity, here are a few products you shouldn’t live without. But First……

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The iconic grid of faces during the Brady Bunch theme song

Video Conference Alternatives to Zoom

This article does not contain affiliate links In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been flocking to Zoom for their business meetings and virtual happy hours. With that has come increased scrutiny of the video conference darling. Folks have found their privacy policy to be less than forthcoming about the data shipped back…

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A woman speaking at a conference

How to Create a Sharable URL for your Free PDF

A common first rung in a company’s product ladder is something free and informational. Something like a PDF whitepaper or other sales document. In the digital space, it’s easy to deliver this kind of thing. Potential customer’s can easily click and follow any link you include in a blog post or email they receive. But…

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