About Those Thank You Cards…

I’m passionate about creators like me and seeing them succeed. I strive to credit everyone for their work. In projects at Sterner Stuff, that means buying the right licenses, crediting code, and helping everyone in my industry be as successful as I’ve had the good fortune to be. If you’ve received one of my proposals, you know that “Honesty” is a company value, and this is one way I adhere to that value.

I also love my clients. You make my work possible and you trust me with helping your business grow. That’s huge, and I want to make sure I show my gratitude whenever I get the chance. Another of Sterner Stuff’s core values is “Relationships”, and that’s very intentional. I take every opportunity to cultivate these relationships.

Speaking of relationships, I find one of my most important relationships is the one between me and my community. I take every opportunity I can to buy local and support the little guy, because I’m a pretty little entity myself.

To bring all these things together, I hit up Zine fests, art shows and local galleries to track down greeting cards from independent artists. I try to find things unique and interesting. I save them up and send them to my clients when I get a chance. They’re often goofy, the fronts rarely say “Thank you”, and I’m sure they’ll end up in the garbage, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I collect all of them here, with credit to the creator when I remember to take it down. I hope you enjoyed yours. If you feel particularly strongly about it, let the creator know, and maybe buy some of their work!

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