Custom Software To
Grow Your Business

Made of Sterner Stuff

Contractors, distributors, manufacturers…

…and other people this is perfect for.

Sterner Stuff’s custom, cloud-based software services are focused on building your business’s growth, intelligence, and efficiency. We’ll create solutions for logistics, inventory, invoicing, and more.

Specifically, this is a great fit for folks who need to take back-office operations on the go. If you’ve outgrown your existing operations platform, but aren’t ready to drop six figures on your industry’s new, shiny software, we should probably also start a consultation.

And of course, maybe that shiny software just doesn’t work the same way you run your business. Sterner Stuff’s custom software builds are like the suit for your wedding day rather than a suit off the rack.

Tailored just right.

Cloud-Based Software

Web-based software is available from home, your phone, on the job site, and everywhere else you need it!

Trade Excel for Databases

Easy-to-use interfaces over database-driven software prevent clerical errors and make sense to employees

Logins on Post-Its?

Turn legacy software into web-based tools. It’s time to abandon Windows XP.

Customer Intelligence

Gather and organize important data about your best buyers

Everything in One Place

Build your own platform to bring all your operations into one cloud-based tool

Digital Forms

Digital forms allow you to go green, cut down on printing costs, update old entries, and search for all the data you need from anywhere

Built with Laravel for Maximum Maintainability

Laravel is the leader of the PHP framework pack. It has a massive community and makes our work developing your custom software quick and painless.

Vue is one of the top three front-end frameworks. It’s lightweight, and helps us build the kinds of snappy interfaces you love from the popular platforms like Facebook, QuickBooks and others!

Okay, now what?

Let’s get roadmapping. A roadmapping session is a chance for us to review your business goals that led to this project, discuss high-level details, define success for the project, and plan out the steps to get there.

After that, we’ll deliver a report to you that reviews what this project looks like and the different directions we think can lead to success. A comprehensive summary, and the next steps.

Roadmapping is a 90-minute call or meeting between you, Sterner Stuff, and any other decision makers within your company. Ready to start?