WordPress for eCommerce

WordPress for eCommerce

At Sterner Stuff, we specialize in working with businesses that need WordPress to do more than be an online business card.

eCommerce is one of the most common ways we see businesses using WordPress to create new revenue streams. But successful web sales takes more than installing a plugin. Trust Sterner Stuff to help your retail business please customers, streamline logistics, and create a reliable new sales channel.

Trust WooCommerce for WordPress eCommerce

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If you’re already running WordPress, then WooCommerce is a no-brainer for turning your WordPress site into an eCommerce sales channel. Open source and with a wide stable of extensions, WooCommerce is an excellent solution for selling products, memberships, subscriptions and more.

  • Stable and reliable
  • Open source
  • Customizable

WooCommerce Plugins: Only the Best of the Best

Free is great, but at Sterner Stuff, we don’t trust our client’s websites to “free”.

Instead, we’ve identified well-supported plugins officially recommended by the WooCommerce team for a variety of eCommerce needs. From shipping rates to customizable products to membership solutions, we have trusted tools to help your WordPress site sell reliably.

WooCommerce Experts

There are lots of options out there for WordPress eCommerce, but we stand by industry-standard WooCommerce and its reliable stable of extensions. We’re here to configure and customize WooCommerce plugins and themes for your online business.

Caching for eCommerce

Caching isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and that’s doubly true for eCommerce websites. By looking at caching options across your entire stack, we can ensure your website performs under pressure. Fast websites sell better, so ensure yours is as fast as possible.

Seamless Shipping

Brands often underestimate the complications of shipping for eCommerce, from configuring rates, to talking to their shippers to getting labels in a timely fashion. Sterner Stuff can advise on both logistical and technical aspects of ensuring every delivery goes out on time and without losing your shirt on shipping.

Integration and Automation

When your eCommerce sales take off, the last thing you need is to start bringing on an army of employees to handle fulfillment, accounting and logistics. Rather than pay new employees to do data entry, Sterner Stuff can help you ensure your logistics and accounting solutions talk to WooCommerce, automating as much as possible.

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