Hosting, plugins, and themes? It’s all technical jargon that doesn’t mean anything to you. So why are you worrying about it? If your WordPress or web hosting provider is leaving any of this up to you, you’re using the wrong provider.

At Sterner Stuff, we handle all technical aspects of your website so that you can focus on running your business.

  • We keep your site fast and secure, with monthly website software updates, including WordPress core, themes, and plugins
  • Priority fixes to hacks in the unlikely event of a security breach
  • The Sterner Stuff team is available for small changes to your site without additional billing
  • Your website will be backed by top-tier hosting infrastructure
  • All clients enjoy immediate under-the-hood best practices that improve on WordPress’s standard performance and reliability

Stop Worrying About Your WordPress Website

If you’re ready to stop holding your breath when you hit the update button, this is the right place.

When we adopt your WordPress website, we’ll conduct a website tune-up. We’ll audit your site and provide you with a report that includes anything we think you need to know—concerns, recommendations, etc. This one-time migration and tune-up is $350.

Then, every month, you get the great benefits above. It’s truly worry-free. Start by filling out the form below.

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The Technical Details

Keep reading below to get into the weeds of our WordPress hosting and support plan.

How Often Is Your Website Down?

Any form of “website down” means your business is losing money. It shouldn’t happen.

And at Sterner Stuff, it doesn’t! As of writing, the last 30 days showed 100% uptime for all our clients. The last outage was a planned hardware update for one client. The site was down for 3 minutes.

Prevent Hacks with Managed Updates

99% of WordPress security is keeping plugins and themes up-to-date. So we do that. Here’s what getting hacked can look like:

  • Get hijacked into an email spam server until your contact forms stop working. No contact forms = no leads = no new business.
  • Traffic redirects to a porn site. A self-explanatory problem.
  • Traffic specifically from Google search results redirects to a porn site, making you less likely to notice.
  • A shiny label in Google search results that advertises you’ve been hacked.
Sorry to throw you under the bus, Delta Eye Medical Group :/

Security flaws can be discovered and patched in days or weeks, so running updates is important. At Sterner Stuff, we’ve got it covered for you.

With the Sterner Stuff update plan, not only are you getting regular updates, but if for some reason your site does get hacked, or an update breaks functionality on your site, we’ll fix it. The timer still isn’t running – it’s covered.

Support Without Hourly Billing

Our managed WordPress offering includes an hour of time each month for small support requests. Forgot how to change a photo on your website? Want someone else to change a photo on your website? Maybe a button isn’t working or an external link was updated. These ticky-tack items come up, and we don’t want to run the timer on you to take care of it. On the monthly update and support plan, you’re covered.

Really Nitty-Gritty Details

Alright, this section is going to get into stuff you really don’t need to worry about, but it’s here for the technically inclined.

Our Hosting Partner – Kinsta

We partner with Kinsta for hosting our clients. Their excellent team is keeping your site up 24/7. Some old-school providers are still hosting client websites with servers on their premises, which means if something goes wrong in the middle of the night, they probably don’t have anyone on staff to fix it.

Kinsta is serving your site from across the globe, which means it loads faster for visitors. They also host your site on better, faster, and more managed hardware than those bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosts. We’re big fans.

Reliable Email

We set up each of our client sites to send emails via a third-party SMTP server. This means that the computer that hosts your website isn’t the same computer that sends emails on your website’s behalf, like eCommerce receipts and contact form submissions. So if something happens and your web server ends up on a blocklist, the email it sends will still arrive in inboxes instead of spam folders.

We also won’t let you run business email through your web server. That’s irresponsible for the same reasons. Let us connect you to one of our valued IT partners to get started with something like Office 365 or Google Workspace for business email.

Performance Improvements

We use caching and image optimization plugins to make sure your site is faster than the competition. Some agencies charge you for licenses for these paid plugins, but we bundle all that into your existing monthly cost.