Web Development and Design

Old tools on a barn wall

Don’t leave your website to just anyone. Get professional web development and design service from Sterner Stuff. With Sterner Stuff, you get years of experience, respect for best practices, and work that delivers.

Web Development From a Pro

There are a lot of services out there advertising a free website. Not only do you get what you pay for, but do you really need the development and maintenance of a website on your plate? No. Talk to Sterner Stuff about worry-free web development that takes pressure off of you.

Gotten burned by freelancers before? Not at Sterner Stuff. You’ll have a weekly meeting with me throughout the web development process, right here in Eugene or conveniently via video call. You’ll continue to hear from me afterward to make sure things are going well.

eCommerce and More

WordPress is a great platform for modern web development and allows us to do a lot of awesome things without a huge investment. From blogs to eCommerce and more, Sterner Stuff can help build the website of your dreams.

Custom Applications that Make Life Easier

Websites are great, and they’re Sterner Stuff’s bread and butter. But sometimes you need more than a website. Many web developers can only build brochure websites. At Sterner Stuff, you’re working with a programmer, not an implementer.

Need custom plugins for your WordPress? I can do that. Is your project more complex than WordPress? Even better. I’ll flex the outstanding Laravel framework to build custom software for your business in any way you need it. REST APIs, Vue.js single-page applications and anything in between are all fair game.

Maintain Your Existing Site

Got an old site that you’ve already invested a lot of time in money in? Where many companies tell you to scrap it and start over, Sterner Stuff will look at what you have and see if we can still use some, or all of it! Piece by piece, we can give a facelift to your site, move it to modern software like WordPress or Laravel, and make sure it remains a strong investment for your business for years to come.

Even legacy software important to the daily function of your business can be built upon and leveraged for new and exciting projects.

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