Wait – They Spell Their Name How?

Hi, I’m Ethan, and I run Sterner Stuff, a Eugene-based website design and development shop.

One day, in my car, I heard an ad for another local web company on the radio. In this ad, which you may have heard, they send you straight to their website with a URL.

But I thought “Hm, they didn’t spell their name in this ad, and I know they have this stray ‘y’ in their name that folks might not expect if they type that URL into their web browser.” So I bought the URL using the spelling someone who heard it on the radio might expect.

And that’s how you got to this page.

If you’re looking for a Eugene-based website provider, you could go visit that shop, which didn’t think about the end-user experience when creating that ad.

Or, you could work with a user-centric agency like us. After all, it’s those end users who make you money. Can you imagine spending months worth of money on radio ads, and the URL in the ad links to a competitor’s website?

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