WordPress Plugin Customization

Customization of Your Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress and its suite of incredible plugins can do a lot out of the box, but eventually, you need them to do more. Enter Sterner Stuff.

Sterner Stuff can take your favorite plugins, like WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, and WP Job Manager, and make them work just like you need them to. From navigating the wide range of extensions available to writing upgrade-proof custom code, Sterner Stuff and WordPress plugin customization go together like peas and carrots.

WP Job Manager logo

WP Job Manager

In the wake of the Great Resignation, hiring is getting tough, so more folks turn to WP Job Manager to manage applicants rather than use third parties like Indeed or Zip Recruiter. WP Job Manager makes it dead simple to start listing career opportunities on your website. People like you keep finding ways for it to better suit their needs, so let us help you get it just right.

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The only WordPress eCommerce solution you should ever choose. From navigating its massive suite of extensions to creating slick custom templates to show off your products, Sterner Stuff is a natural fit for your WooCommerce project.

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The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is incredible. It sticks to WordPress standards, making it easy to customize for WordPress experts like us. From the basics, to ticketing, to automation and integration, we can help you leverage The Events Calendar.