WordPress Projects with Sterner Stuff


WordPress Websites Built to Meet Your Business Goals

WordPress is a pretty nifty content management system. It’s great for quickly scaffolding a consumer-facing website, and can be extended to do all kinds of cool things!

But just using WordPress isn’t enough to build a “good” website. You need someone in your corner who knows WordPress and its awesome plugins inside-and-out. Someone who knows the technical requirements of having a reliable website. And most importantly, someone who understands how your business and website fit together. Enter digital consulting services from Sterner Stuff.

How Do We Start?

Every Sterner Stuff project, a full website or one-off plugin customization, starts with filling out the form on this page.

Assuming everything looks good, I’ll email you to schedule an introductory phone call, 20-30 minutes, tops. This is a chance for me to better understand you, your business, and your problems.

Following this is a discovery and roadmapping phase. This will be a longer, 60-minute get-together. We’ll start drilling deeper to compile the information we need to make your project a success. This includes details about your best buyers, questions about your competition and inspiration, and a roadmap forward.

I’ll deliver a document reviewing all of this to you, as well as a specific plan for putting together your new website. Who should it talk to? What sorts of features will make it most effective? What’s vital to launch, and what can wait until later? How will your business be stronger at the end of the whole thing? Of course, it’ll also include a quote to complete it.

Start Working on Your Big WordPress Dream Project