Meeting new projects with arms wide open

To maintain the deep portfolio that large web design firms often have, the staff will ultimately end up with some “9-5ers”. Folks like these probably don’t have the passion shared by their coworkers and, likely, the company owner.

And that’s a bummer for you. Nothing against these folks–they get work done just like the next guy–but are they going to be thrilled about your next big project? Will they sit and brainstorm ways they can boost your profitability and improve your business? Probably not. Many of these folks groan when new projects come up. Change orders frustrate them. That attitude spreads to their coworkers and eventually saps the passion from client relationships.

Not at Sterner Stuff.

Putting passion to work

Sterner Stuff may be a shop of one, but that affords a lot of advantages to you as a client, not the least of which is a fiery passion for the work I do.

There’s nothing like that new project smell. It brims with possibilities. New technologies? Sure! Tap new markets? I’m ready. Just dirtying up a whiteboard to make a fool-proof digital business plan gets me excited. Don’t get me wrong, I love maintaining the websites and apps I put into the world, but a new project or venture is unique.

A new project doesn’t have to mean a brand-new website or a ground-breaking app, either. It can be expansion of something that already exists. Perhaps you’re ready to integrate an e-commerce channel into your digital strategy, or you’ve got a new feature to roll into your app that will attract users in a big way. Whatever your plan, I’m prepared to go the distance for your business.

A diamond in the rough

Some people are put off by new ideas like these, and often it’s because of a misunderstanding. Why would client X ever want that? That’s a dumb idea! Ugh, just do it!

I understand that the web isn’t your business. Software isn’t your wheelhouse. This means that sometimes ideas come out rough around the edges. Half-baked. But you know your business, and your ideas are rooted in making your business succeed.

So you come to Sterner Stuff Design. I refine and hone ideas, digging up the whys, hows, and wherefores to figure out what you’re really after and make your dreams a reality. I love doing it! Solving problems for your business is like putting together a puzzle. With all the pieces in place, you gain users, profits, and market-share instead of a pretty picture. Perfect.

The just-get-it-done attitude leads to shoddy workmanship. Products built this way often aren’t successful (if you can measure their success at all). They get shoved out the door and ignored like little children, left to fend for themselves. From idea conception to execution, Sterner Stuff focuses on doing things the right way. I can’t imagine doing it any differently. Your product will respond to specific market and business needs. Post-launch, I work with you to monitor its progress and success, adjusting course if need be and expanding when the time comes. Good luck finding a “9-5er” prepared to do all that.

A Visual Representation

I hear y’all like gifs, so here’s Sterner Stuff’s passion embodied by various characters on Parks and Recreation. I love what I do the way…

…Leslie loves coming to work

Leslie loves coming to work

…Ron loves bacon


…Barney loves accounting


…Ben loves table-top board games


…and calzones


…Jeremy Jamm loves snow cones


…Tom loves high thread count sheets


And of course, I’m as passionate about your next project as Jennifer Barkley is about political advisement



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