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One of my big dreams with Sterner Stuff is to use the brand to support causes I’m passionate about. The world has been kind to me, and I’m ready to be kind back. My first foray into that will be channeling some of Sterner Stuff’s revenue to Extra Life, and you can help!

Every year, the Extra Life organization puts on a fundraising gaming marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Participants organize teams, raise money, and then play games of all kinds for 24 hours. Since 2008, Extra Life has raised over $22 million. This year they’ve already surpassed $3 million.

To add to that total, this year I’ve organized a general team for the city of Eugene to start raising funds! While there are many large, nation-wide teams through companies like reddit, a local team makes approaching local businesses for contributions easier. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a Children’s Miracle Network hospital just around the corner in Springfield.

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

To help raise money for the Eugene team, Sterner Stuff is contributing a portion of the income on all projects started between now and November 5th to Extra Life! You can build your web presence and feel really good about it. All donations are made in a company’s name, so I’ll even attach your name to it.

This goes for any project! New features, new websites, new marketing campaigns – any new project will see a portion of its cost forwarded onto the Eugene Extra Life team. If you’ve been sitting on an idea, now’s the time to execute.

Why November 5th? Because that’s the big day! All participants will be gaming all day across the country, myself included. If you’re feeling curious, there’ll even be a stream available via Twitch where I’ll be playing a variety of games. Other streams will be available via the official Extra Life Twitch channel.

I’m excited to participate in Extra Life this year. It’s certainly a late start, but with your help, the Eugene team can meet its modest goal of $1000. Start a new project today to get your name on the team. If you want to raise funds for the team yourself, you can create an account and join the team. If you’re just feeling generous, you can also make a donation on your own. Share the page with friends and family on social media to make sure our team is made of Sterner Stuff.


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