Pinch Hitting with Field to Market

A Portland freelancer was looking for some quick help on a website he was developing for Field to Market. The project had a tight deadline and many complex features. He and I connected and I quickly completed the work he needed done.

That small task opened the door to a variety of other features still in need of development. I stepped in to develop complex filters associated with Gravity-Forms-generated forms, front-end content filters updated via AJAX, and locking pages and custom routes based on custom fields assigned to users of the site. I was able to help Brent create a complex, but effective experience.

Much of the work done lives behind a login to the site. However, you can get a small taste by clicking around the map linked above. Field to Market manages a number of agriculture-based research projects, and this map allows users to quickly explore projects happening on a state-by-state basis. Logged in users can use several other filters to make more specific searches.

Iterative Web Development

This project showcases the flexibility of Sterner Stuff. Many web companies will tell you to scrap everything you have, but I’m able to hop in and make incremental improvements to an existing site. While there may be some overhead of cleaning up legacy code, this is a great path for folks who can’t invest in a site overhaul, or perhaps don’t even need one.