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Your website might be professional, attractive, fast and flashy. But does it actually drive customers to the services you provide?

That was the question facing Rick Dancer. The former-TV-anchor-turned-politician-turned-videographer-turned-Facebook-live-non-profit-coordinator was sitting on a website that was a business evolution, a battle with cancer, and a haircut behind him. It advertised video production services plus a “growing live presence on social media”.

Except Rick did almost zero video production. His best work today is entirely unproduced, pairing for-profit businesses with non-profit organizations and amazing stories on Facebook Live, unedited and with great exposure.

With a book of recurring show sponsors, not one of them had shown up through his website. Big surprise.

Rick Dancer and another man smiling at the camera This was the hero image. Happy smiling people, but what exactly are they doing?

Sterner Stuff set out to reposition the website to match his current service offerings – recurring sponsorship of his Facebook Live show, Get Real with Rick Dancer.

A Tale of Two Audiences

When it comes to “growth” for Rick, it’s two-fold. While more sponors are obviously required to keep doing shows, he also has to continue to increase his viewership to make the show worth sponsoring.

Most websites are built to be the place where a “conversion” happens, which is what we call the desired action you want a customer to take. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels are traditionally part of the funnel to get people to your website where they sign up for an email list, fill out a contact form, give you a call or otherwise “convert”.

For Rick, however, there was a need to drive any and all non-advertisers back to Facebook to subscribe to his show! The gut instinct may have been for the website to be a place to watch videos, but with Facebook Live as the product, that didn’t make sense. Instead, the website was designed with just enough video content to give you an idea of the product. Viewers are subsequently steered back to Facebook to subscribe to his page.

The new hero image from Rick Dancer's website The new hero better shows what he does and offers two paths – watch the show or be on it

Advertisers Who “Get It”

Rick and I spent a lot of time talking about his advertisers. Who are they? Why are they on Get Real with Rick Dancer?

Facebook Live is a new and exciting way for companies to reach their communities, and in Rick’s experience, people either get it or they don’t. It wasn’t worth his time to sell anyone one-on-one on why they should be on Rick Dancer. The website needed to communicate the goals of the show. If a potential advertisers’s goals align with the show’s and they “get” Facebook Live, they’ll sign up to join the show.

To cut down on that sales time and negotiating every show, we created easy to understand packages. While custom engagements are available, priority is given to these packages. By funneling advertisers into six-month packages, Rick can focus on putting together the show.

Grist for the Mill

In today’s world of search engine optimization, content is king. It should be unique, engaging, and frequent. Fortunately for Rick, he’s producing content almost every day.

Er, sort of. Facebook posts, like live videos, aren’t really indexed in search engines, so they don’t do much for your web presence.

Rick did a huge show where he partnered with a local movie theater to give a local kid with a disability a private showing of Deadpool 2 after he was kicked out of another theater for disturbing other patrons. It got tons of media attention, but that was all that showed up in Google. Stories from news outlets. While many of those linked back to Rick’s Facebook, it wasn’t a guarantee that someone would click that link. Rick needed his content to work for him.

Now, Rick’s Facebook Live shows are immediately turned into blog posts on his website. The next steps are to automate (or hire) transcription services for those videos. Then he’ll be able to bring traffic to his website when he produces amazing content and leverage that traffic as he sees fit. Visitors will fall right back into the funnel of viewer or advertiser.

Not Done Yet

This was a great start to Rick’s new and improved web presence, and it’s already turned into leads. But there’s more to do! Sterner Stuff will continue working with Rick to revive the rest of his blog, add features that show advertisers the value of his work, and even start capitalizing on his local stardom by dishing swag out to dedicated watchers.

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