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Takeaways from Scott Hanselman’s “Scaling Yourself”

Recently a video hit my inbox. It’s a presentation from Scott Hanselman at GOTO conf talking about how to scale your own productivity. Yet another productivity video.

I’m a notorious multitasker and my email is always open, responding to the latest thing to hit my inbox, potentially dropping everything to work on something new. He gave the example of getting a call from your Dad at three in the afternoon and being short when you answer it. Short with your Dad. And I thought, “I’ve totally done that!”

I catch a video like this once in a while and always take something away, but rarely write it down or act on it. Let’s change that. Scott said not to waste your keystrokes. If you’re going to type a lot of stuff, put it in a blog or knowledge-base or FAQ or somewhere you can refer back to it and get value out of it again without redoing the keystrokes.

So my takeaways will be in this blog post. Here are some things I’m going to try:

  • Finally try this Pomodoro thing
    • That means close email in the meantime. Turn off notifications. Close other tabs and programs. Focus.
  • Stop wasting keystrokes. Blog more frequently about the problems I encounter.
  • Create long-term and short-term to-do list. Three actionable items for the day, and other projects and things wait.
  • Defer my parents’ calls to when I’m not working, and make them my sole focus when I take them

Watch the video and see if it inspires any changes to scale your own productivity. Drop your own takeaways below.


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