Remove WordPress Actions with Object-Bound Callbacks

Often, it’s very simple to disable a filter or action in WordPress. Core’s adherence, merit notwithstanding, to working in the global namespace meant many plugins and themes followed suit. So unhooking a function was as simple as: But as PHP has matured, plugin and theme authors are more often using modern structures and practices, like…

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Hiring: PHP Developer Seeking to Leave Freelancing

The Sterner Stuff team is growing! We’re seeking a self-motivated PHP developer fresh off a solo-preneur endeavor. You: a self-motivated PHP developer always seeking to learn. Obsessed with doing things the “right way”. At some point, you decided to try your hand at freelancing, either due to circumstances or for a shot at something new…

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My at-home setup

The Sterner Stuff Work-From-Home Starter Kit

Working from home is brand new for a lot of folks, and it’s full of quirks and challenges. Even for someone who’s worked from home or a flex office for a while, COVID-19 has caused me to re-evaluate my setup. To maximize your productivity, here are a few products you shouldn’t live without. But First……

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The iconic grid of faces during the Brady Bunch theme song

Video Conference Alternatives to Zoom

This article does not contain affiliate links In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been flocking to Zoom for their business meetings and virtual happy hours. With that has come increased scrutiny of the video conference darling. Folks have found their privacy policy to be less than forthcoming about the data shipped back…

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Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally

Web Apps vs Smartphone Apps: The Iowa Caucuses

The United States is buzzing with the fallout of the Iowa caucuses. If you’ve been living under a rock, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) enlisted the use of a smartphone app to help with tallying the results of the Iowa caucuses. This app was responsible for reporting from over 1600 precincts across the state over…

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A woman speaking at a conference

How to Create a Sharable URL for your Free PDF

A common first rung in a company’s product ladder is something free and informational. Something like a PDF whitepaper or other sales document. In the digital space, it’s easy to deliver this kind of thing. Potential customer’s can easily click and follow any link you include in a blog post or email they receive. But…

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Hide Google’s “People Also Searched For” Box

Updated 04/16/2021 Stop me if you’ve been here: You Google something. You click the first result. You click “Back” in your browser. You go to click the next result, only— Google takes half a second to expand this little box and you click on one of those links instead. Let’s hide that thing. Custom Browser…

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Woman in shopping cart in the middle of an empty warehouse

Sterner Stuff’s 2019 Favorite WordPress Black Friday Deals

Every year, US retailers offer huge discounts for Black Friday. Digital deals used to be reserved for Cyber Monday following Black Friday, but we’ve seen these deals start earlier and earlier as the years have gone on. There are plenty of WordPress-centeric deals already available for 2019. Here are some that are worth a look.…

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Fix WP Bakery Disabling Gutenberg with Classic Editor Enabled

There’s currently a bug in WP Bakery (version 6.0.5) that enables or disables the block editor, Gutenberg, for an entire post type based on a single post on the various “All [Post Type]” admin screens. You’ve probably noticed this if you’ve installed the Classic Editor plugin and have switching editors enabled. You’d expect to be…

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WordCamp US 2019

Every year, WordPress users from across the country gather for WordCamp US. While regional WordCamps happen across the country, WordCamp US is by far the biggest, attracting attendees, speakers and sponsors from across the country. This year, Sterner Stuff made the trip to St. Louis for the event. We take every advantage of opportunities for…

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