Project Discovery

Our website discovery process takes the risk and uncertainty out of building a new website.

Sometimes, folks try to build a website without understanding what its job is. What are the business’s goals? What’s stopping them from reaching those goals? How can the website help?

Building a website without spending time on a thorough plan often leads to:

  • Projects going over-budget
  • Websites that don’t represent you well
  • Websites that don’t generate leads, sell products, manage members, or do the other things they need to do.

Forget all that.

Discovery is Sterner Stuff’s stand-alone service designed to help businesses figure out how their website can be part of the bigger picture. You have goals for your business and hurdles preventing you from getting there. We’re talking about dollars, cents, and long-term success. By understanding those goals and blockers, we can help you create a technical plan with specific outcomes that will lead to a more effective website.

Why spend money on website discovery?

  • Project discovery ensures the work that gets done is in-line with business goals and not just work for work’s sake
  • Project discovery turns vague requirements (“Review SEO”) into solid, actionable items (“Revise meta descriptions and titles on [these pages] to match current messaging and ranking goals”)
  • A well-defined scope leads to accurate budgets
  • Discovery is a low-cost opportunity for us to work together and ensure our styles and strategies are a match for higher-cost projects down the road

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll fill out the form below. Assuming everything looks good, we’ll contact you to schedule an introductory phone call, 20-30 minutes, to make sure we’re a good fit.

From there, we formally begin discovery. This is a 60-90 minute session, in-person or by video chat. We’ll do a deep dive into your business so that we have all the knowledge we need to make your project a success. This includes details about your best buyers, questions about your competition and inspiration, problems your business is facing, and how you envision the future.

We’ll deliver a document reviewing all of this to you, as well as a bid to get it done with Sterner Stuff.

All of that is a flat $500.

Ready to get started?