Thanks for shopping with our awesome local Unique Eugene partners! I assume that’s how you got here? Here’s another great opportunity to support local business.

If you’ve found this, you’re probably a business owner with a website that may or may not be reliable. Say goodbye to downtime, hacks, and lost business. Trade in your headaches and put up your feet. And of course, support a local service provider. Bring your WordPress site over to Sterner Stuff’s worry-free hosting to take advantage of this year’s Unique Eugene holiday offer!

Sterner Stuff offers stellar, worry-free support to our clients. Your site lives in a dedicated, scalable environment. In addition to hosting, you get a host of added services:

  • Monthly software updates and notes
  • Free security certificate
  • Priority cleanup of (unlikely) hacks
  • Priority fixes to site-breaking updates
  • 1 hour of monthly, one-on-one support time
  • Automated image optimization
  • Dependable relay for outgoing email
  • Did we mention free security certificate?

All for $112/month. For folks who sign on for a full year, we’re offering one month free. That’s $1232 for a year of peace of mind.


Not sure your website is worth $1200/year?

We can help with that, too. Hit us up for a free consultation. We’ll review how you’re leveraging your website to grow your business and how we can help you do more.